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Keep on Walking

December 15, 2010

It’s no secret that I thought this season kind of sucked. I had such high hopes for the show going into it, which was probably a mistake, but the trailer had such promise! I didn’t expect the show to veer so wildly away from the comic series, which I love. That was a disappointment.

But that’s not what was wrong with the show. I felt that the characters were underdeveloped, and when they were given some background it was always so generic and one-dimensional. The conflict feels forced rather than originating in any real problems, which is ridiculous – if you can’t produce an engaging plot in the midst of the goddang zombie apocalypse, then just give up.

All in all, the show was weak and grew weaker with each episode, finally going out with a whimper. I don’t dislike the show because it doesn’t live up to the comic book, but the fact that it besmirches its name by association adds insult to injury.

See you next season, Walking Dead. I hope the writers and producers go to the equivalent of TV fat camp and that the show comes back superfine after our time apart. But I won’t hold my breath.

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